Homeschool Shooter

by Crisis Actor

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so, i heard you're single.....


released July 15, 2017



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Crisis Actor New York

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Track Name: Homeschool Shooter
a lack of taste / an undue sense of elitism / bedding down with her / is the only envy you've earned / a cauldron of simmering diarhetics / bites where chin meets lip / until there is clicking / steam lifts where the teeth are rubbed / second hand whispers / might be my only victory / but they're emboldening when you limply crack / at the echelons you could never process / cause insincerity is more of a treasure to you / than what the voyeur deserves / now hold my shirt / while i fuck your wife /
Track Name: Hieronymus Botulism
browning thrones of chum / a dependency on doubt / marathon spurs (a victim of inevitable intercourse) / mashing glands wrecked at the tonsil splint / the gummed belt groans / slicks their hair with panic sweat / lubricated blades / split until the handle breaks and we can't discern one red from its wood / am i little more than charity / or the sold's quick passage to safe integrity / bloated from laurels / awareness in lieu of a cure / vegetation slivers with coursing pride (the worm in your bowel, the tongue in your slit) / pushing where ground up flesh is to be shit /